The Innovation Forum is a student-led initiative that seeks to build bridges between academia, industry and policy makers. We focus on the future and the evolution of today’s technologies, which range from the nascent stage to the cusp of commercial application.

Innovation is a multidisciplinary activity that is key to any country’s growth model. It brings together engineers, business professionals, economists, doctors, scientists and policy makers. The Innovation Forum exists to facilitate this multidisciplinary structure by fostering synergy between academia, industry and the public sector.

Greater good

Bridging the gap between academia, industry and policy makers cannot remain an initiative that is predominantly executed by the latter two groups. Universities need to seek out innovators who require exceptional academics and students to participate in developing new technologies through collaboration.Through its workshops, we believe that the Innovation Forum can enhance the ability of members of academia to develop and market new technologies. Finally, through our lectures and collaboration setups, we can create what is essential for innovation to happen – a stimulating, multidisciplinary environment.


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