IMAGINE IF! Workshop #1: Building a Winning Team in Early Phase Start-Ups

Monday, October 18th 2021

00:37 – 00:37 (GMT)

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This workshop is designed for people who would like to learn how to build a team for early-stage start-ups.
This workshop is part of the IMAGINE IF! competition and acceleration programme for start-ups. The application will open later this year. If you would like to know more about previous versions, you can find more information on the Innovation Forum's website:

Come join us for a conversation with Keiron Sparrowhawk, CEO and Founder of MyCognition. Keiron has extensive experience in both large biopharmaceutical companies and in biotech startups. For Innovation Forum's first workshop, we will be speaking with Keiron about forming the initial team for a startup, the roles and positions of the founders, and how (and when) to grow your team.


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Keiron is an author, a former neuroscientist and a successful entrepreneur with over 40 years of medical product development expertise and experience. His pharmaceutical career included R&D, marketing and market access, culminating as leader of global reimbursement at GSK, helping many health products to market.

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