Challenging the Antimicrobial Resistance Crisis (Webinar)

Thursday, July 23rd 2020


18:00 – 21:00 (GMT)

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Antimicrobial resistance is a global threat that cannot be ignored: what is being done to innovate new solutions?

About this Event

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an escalating global threat, with a manifold of drivers and mechanisms. In human medicine, antimicrobials are the most frequently prescribed drugs and resistance means their benefits could soon be compromised.

A collaborative approach is needed, both to optimise current antimicrobial use and to invest in the development of novel drugs. At this event, we will host academics and industry experts to explain the factors that have led to the spread of AMR, articulate the impacts of AMR on a public and global scale and elucidate the alternative approaches that are in development.

A panel discussion will follow on from the talks, and will be open for attendees to contribute. This event promises to nurture research ideas among fellow scientists and encourage collaborations between academia and business.


Andrew’s research focuses on ascertaining the molecular basis of treatment refractory infections and developing therapeutic solutions to overcome antibiotic resistance and tolerance.

Paul is directing the Vitamica mission to assist in slowing the growth of antimicrobial resistance by establishing swift and appropriate antibiotic treatments. His specific role is to obtain funding and routes to market for new life sciences companies.

Silvia’s research is based on the analysis of pathogen genome sequences in terms of global surveillance and antimicrobial resistance, which assists the development of pathogen surveillance in a public health context.

Francis' research is broadly on TB, HIV and antimicrobial resistance, as well as looking at the evolution and transmission of drug-resistant bacteria. He is the Director of the WHO Supranational Reference laboratory and also works as a Consultant Medical Microbiologist and Consultant Physician in Clinical TB.

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