IMAGINE IF! Workshop #2: How to perform under pressure?

Wednesday, December 05th 2018

Department of Biochemistry

18:00 – 21:00 (GMT)

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This workshop is part of the IMAGINE IF! competition and acceleration programme for start-ups. 

"How to perform under pressure - The one single human factor that has the potential to make or break your business"

Being able to give your best under pressure e.g. when pitching your idea to various audiences in those unique and irreversible moments, is one of the key skills you need when building a start-up company. In this workshop you'll learn how to build sustainable top performance and apply these learnings into your own performing and pitching. The approach is based on Eija´s research in behavioural science and her experience in coaching hundreds of musicians and other professionals for top performance.

Speaker: Dr Eija Mäkirintala, Co-Founder of Altogame, is an entrepreneur and executive coach.


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Doctor in Behavioral Sciences, coach-trainer and professional musician.

Eija is currently the CEO and co-founder of an awarded applied games start up called Altogame. Altogame is a game-changing virtual multiplayer environment for innovation, collaboration and training simulations.

Prior to founding Altogame, Eija developed an internationally unique face-to-face coaching method integrating musicians ́ professional top performance and well-being. She wrote the first Finnish coaching related doctoral thesis on the subject, and the first white paper on how to transform organizations by using arts-derived interventions. Eija has created and run programs on how to integrate agility, innovation and top performance in numerous organizations including Nokia, Kone, UCL, Aalto University, and Anglia-Ruskin University. She is very experienced as public speaker, coach and trainer. The first part of her professional career Eija was an internationally performing musician.

In regard to start-up scenes and communities, Eija has been a start-up member of numerous accelerators/hubs and participated various programs. She has herself acted as a mentor and delivered training to start-ups e.g. in Aalto University and University of the Arts Helsinki (Finland). In addition to the business subjects, her training has included also Human Factor themes such as working with customers (e.g. to understand the real problem), pitching to different audiences (e.g. from academic to corporate, customer or investor viewpoint and language), top performing (multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary etc.) teams, creativity at work, self-leadership, persuasion skills and performing under pressure.

Currently Eija is based in Cambridge, UK.


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