Marco Travaglio

MSci Neuroscience, The University of Nottingham

Marco is currently a PhD candidate at The University of Cambridge. His
research explores mechanisms of toxicity in both mouse and human
ES-derived neurons to study the pathological events that lead to
selective cell death in neurodegenerative diseases. His PhD is funded by
an Integrative Toxicology Training Partnership (ITTP) scheme which seeks
to boost the safe and effective development of drugs through a strategic
collaboration between academia, industry and government agencies.

Marco graduated from The University of Nottingham and has experience in
translational neuroscience drug discovery. Prior to his PhD, Marco
joined the Translational and Integrative Neuroscience team of Eli Lilly
where he worked on the establishment and validation of novel animal
models relevant to neurodegeneration drug discovery. Marco joined
Innovation Forum to sharpen his business acumen and contribute to the
development and commercialisation of new game-changing technologies.

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