Apply for 50 Movers & Shakers in BioBusiness 2018

Shuang Sun Written by Shuang Sun
Published on 22 May 2018
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BioBeat 50 Movers & Shakers in BioBusiness 2018

The annual 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness report is a celebration of the contribution and successes made by inspirational women working across bio-business sectors. Do you know an inspirational female leader who should be recognised for their achievements in their specialised field?

Ten women will be featured for each category in the report:

  • Science: Developing revolutionary bioscience products for healthcare
  • Finance: Shaping entrepreneurial bioscience through investment
  • Collaboration: Accelerating the innovation pipeline
  • Patient Impact: Transforming patient access to healthcare
  • Infrastructure: Supporting innovation from concept to market

Applications close on 25th May 2018, and the report will be published in November 2018.

Previous reports are found at

For more information, please contact Miranda Weston-Smith

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