Arfa Karani

Non Executive Director

MSci Honors in Physics, University College London, UK

Arfa is currently pursuing her PhD in Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Her research projects focus on going beyond the Shockley-Queisser limit to improve the current solar cell efficiencies. She works on fabricating organic/inorganic hybrid photovoltaics and LEDs and on some aspects of modelling efficiencies of such devices.

While trying to understand the intricacies behind the science involved in converting solar energy into electricity, Arfa is interested in perceiving the applications of her research come to life. Her PhD is funded by scholarship from the Nehru Trust for Cambridge University, the Trinity Henry-Barlow Scholarship and Haidar Scholarship.

She joined Innovation Forum in December 2016 and is now working as the Non Executive Director leading the Clean-technology sector for Innovation Forum. Previously she worked as the IMAGINE IF coordinator and Vice President for Cambridge branch, getting involved with young leaders and motivated individuals to learn more about and contribute towards the commercial impact of solar energy in particular and renewable energy in general. Arfa is interested in bridging the gap between the cutting-edge academic research in the field of renewable/sustainable energy and the industry.

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